Join Boozerebellion for fun and free activities in Helsinki!

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Boozerebellion offers nonalcoholic options for freetime. We also  do alcohol education and work on the issues of alcohol policies.

Free and alcoholfree activities in Helsinki!

Would you like to try new sport activities?

Are you looking for nice company to play board games with?

Would you like to have a cozy movie night outside you house?

Boozerebellion (Kännikapina) will organize game and movie night on Annankatu in Kamppi.

We also have a sport club, where we try out different sport activities in a relaxed atmosphere. You can join the sport club once, twice or everytime. The age limit for the sport club is 15 years.

Upcoming events:

20.3 Boozerebellion´s gamenight

Nice company for boardgames and snacks. Wellcome to gamenight!

24.3 Boozerebellion´s movienight

Come and have a cozy night with movie and snacks Wellcome to movienight!

15.4 Boozerebellion´s sport club: Hot yoga

We try different sport activities in Boozerebellions sportclub. The club is free of charge.

Age limit is 15 years. This time we try hot yoga. Welcome to yoga!


“If Finland can be routed for a healthier course on alcohol matters, I will be supporting such activity with pleasure. You must be almost blind not to see the problems caused by alcohol. “

(Man 45y)



“Boozerebellion questions the place of alcohol in everyday life and festivities. I want to be a part of stirring up criticism and shaking up old unreasonable habits.”

(Woman 23y)


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