How should an adult use alcohol?

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When consuming alcohol less is better.


Alcohol is an addicting  carcinogen ( substance that causes cancer).

It’s also good to remember that alcohol often also causes harm to people around the drinker.

For example  drunk drivers cause about a hundred deaths and 1000 injuries in Finland.

Alcohol is a substance everyone should be careful with.


There are two good ways to use alcohol for an adult.



  • True moderation



  • A couple of glasses wine/beer/drink at a time
  • No drinking with intent of intoxication
  • Alcohol’s risks remain small for yourself and others


  •   Sobriety



  •  A good choice for anyone
  •  No alcohol related risks

Under age people should not use alcohol at all and parents should do their best to make it easy for an adolescent to choose sobriety.

Common questions:


What is the safest way to use alcohol.


A completely safe way does not exist. Alcohol is in the same cancer risk class as asbestos and tobacco.


For your health the best option is not to drink at all.


Alcohol is related to around 60 different diseases and ailments and almost all of their risks grow the more you drink.


That is why less alcohol is better.

Do adolescents handle alcohol better than adults.


The answer is no because our brains develop as long as 25 years and that is why alcohol is especially harmful to young people.

Alcohol use that has started when young foreshadows alcohol problems later in life

Isn’t red wine good for your health?

Studies have shown that moderate consumption of red wine lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes but only in people middle age and older. The risks are however greater than the benefits. This age group gets better and risk free health benefits from exercise and a healthy diet.

I use alcohol moderately, are there any downsides


Even moderate users notice health benefits when they cut down on drinking or stop altogether. Their quality of sleep increases and they feel more refreshed in the morning.

(Source: http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/disease-prevention/alcohol-use/data-and-statistics/q-and-a-how-can-i-drink-alcohol-safely)

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