How to build a healthier alcohol culture inFinland

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Changing alcohol culture is possible, when we commit toward it together and on multiple levels.


Everyone can do something to better the situation but no one can do everything on their own.


Check which of the following groups you belong in and see how you can help in the change.



         1.Use alcohol in a truly responsible way, that doesn’t harm yourself or                 others.


  1. Don’t encourage others to drink.


  1. Acknowledge that responsible alcohol policies are not a prohibition movement rather a movement based on research and results to decrease the harms of alcohol and to protect children and adolescents.




  1. Support your child’s sobriety by your own actions.


  1.      Use alcohol in a truly responsible way


– Policymakers  

     1.Make decisions based on researched facts with which we can effectively           decrease harms caused by alcohol.

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