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Boozerebellion wants to be a part of creating a healthier relationship with alcohol in Finland. The kind of culture where alcohol consumption or drinking to get drunk is not adored.


Culture changes when it is changed: for this truly responsible action is required from all of us. The greatest responsibility is beared by the decisionmakers, who hold the most effective tools to reduce the harms of alcohol. Studies and the recent history of Finland show that the most effective way to affect alcohol consumption and the amount of harm are the price and availability of alcohol. Alcohol advertising also affects especially the age children start to drink and the amount they drink.


Alcohol consumption has tripled in Finland over the last 40 years. The common belief that this is due to bans and regulations or the memory of the prohibition is false.


The increase in alcohol consumption and it harms have been sped up by the lowering of prices, the rapid increase in availability and advertising. For example in the 80s only a few dozen bars were open in the small hours, now about 1100 bars keep their doors open until at least three.



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Source: Ministry of social services and health



A healthier alcohol culture benefits us all by making true moderation easier and free from the burden of explanation those who want from health reasons or otherwise refrain from drinking completely.


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